Numeric Biotech

“Developing therapeutics to cure and prevent age-related diseases”
So to further extend numeric age while living in good health

The vision of Numeric Biotech is to build an innovative portfolio of first-in-class treatments that target multiple mechanisms of age related diseases including cancer. Our programs are based on cutting-edge research performed by Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Through linking a network of clinicians and scientists in internationally leading research institutes and hospitals, Numeric Biotech will drive its portfolio of ground-breaking therapies from laboratory to clinic through various collaborations with leading research institutes and clinics which will give the company a firm basis in the new research paradigm of aging and age related diseases.

Numeric Biotech has a highly experienced and dedicated leadership team with an outstanding track record of discovering and developing innovative medicines. The Numeric Biotech team members all have a longstanding history of successful drug launches and commercial success, both in a smaller biotechnology environment as as well as larger blue chip pharmaceutical companies.

The lead patent pending proprietary product of Numeric Biotech is FOXO4-DRI (NBT-103). In globally published papers, such as Cell, the product has been shown to be a first in class selective senolitic.


Numeric Biotech