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So to further extend numeric age while living in good health

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The vision of Numeric Biotech is to build an innovative portfolio of first-in-class treatments that target multiple mechanisms of age related diseases including cancer. Our programs are based on cutting-edge research performed by Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Through linking a network of clinicians and scientists in internationally leading research institutes and hospitals, Numeric Biotech will drive its portfolio of ground-breaking therapies from laboratory to clinic through various collaborations with leading research institutes and clinics which will give the company a firm basis in the new research paradigm of aging and age related diseases.

Numeric Biotech have a highly experienced and dedicated leadership team with an outstanding track record of discovering and developing innovative medicines. The Numeric Biotech team members all have a longstanding history of successful drug launches and commercial success, both in a smaller biotechnology environment as as well as larger blue chip pharmaceutical companies.


Chronological age represents the single greatest risk factor for human disease. Cellular senescence, which is a permanent state of cell cycle arrest induced by cellular inflammation and stress, has recently emerged as a fundamental component of the mechanism of aging that contributes (by secretion of inflammatory molecules) to diseases of later life, including cancer, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis.

Numeric Biotech develops therapeutic compounds that selectively eliminate senescent cells (SNC’s). These therapeutic compounds were tested in various ex-vivo and animal models that demonstrated reversal of the underlying disease process, which may have a preventative effect regarding oncogenesis and the inception of chronic degenerative target organ diseases.

Striking pre-clinical in-vivo results were published in peer reviewed scientific journals regarding disease modifying effects in the following indications:

- Treatment refractory forms of Metastatic Melanoma, Breast Cancer and Glioblastoma Multiforme
- Chronic Kidney Disease
- Secondary effects of systemic chemotherapy

Senolytic Pipeline

Numeric Biotech has generated a pipeline of proprietary selective senolytic lead compounds that are able to target and eradicate or cells whose status is undermined by senescent processes. Numeric Biotech is poised to initiate the first of a series of clinical programs by 2019.


Hans G. van Berkum, PharmD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Hans van Berkum served as CEO (and was also member of the Board of Directors) of Virosome Biologicals BV. from founding until the company was acquired by Norwood Immunology (now Mymetics Corp.). Prior to that he held several senior executive positions: being responsible for worldwide regulatory affairs of major pharmaceutical companies and was international medical director of US based pharmaceutical company. He was also a European general manager of a main biotech company, running the first approval process of lead compounds and successful introduction and marketing. During his career he was actively involved in various M&A and investment projects. He worked for companies such as Astra (now AstraZeneca), Hoffmann- La Roche, and Genzyme (now Sanofi) in several executive management positions.

Hans obtained a PharmD degree specializing in neuroscience from the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) and holds an International Master of Business Administration from the Dutch School of Management in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Lars Bastiaanse, Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer

Lars Bastiaanse has over 25 years of experience in clinical development, project management and general management in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO/Consultancy business. He was with Johnson & Johnson in positions of increasing seniority in the product development. Amongst other responsibilities, Lars was Global Project Leader at J&J for the development of immunology products currently on the market such as Intelence, and Edurant. In addition, Lars was CEO for Kinesis Pharma, 3D-PharmXchange, and Cardialysis. Lars is also the General Manager of PMD Consulting BV, an independent life science consultancy organization.

Lars obtained a MSc degree in pharmacy and completed his PhD degree in Medicinal Sciences (cardio biochemistry) at the Leiden University Medical Centre (The Netherlands).

Joost van Bree, Ph.D.

VP Regulatory Affairs & Quality

Joost van Bree worked in senior management positions and C-suite positions with responsibility for drug development, strategic development, regulatory affairs, business development and having raised private as well as public financing. He has gained extensive experience in strategic and operational hands-on management and leadership positions and served in executive as well as non-executive director board positions at several public and private Life Science companies, amongst which were Sandoz/Novartis, Teva, Pharming, Pepscan and Immunovo.

Joost obtained an MSc and PharmD, after which he specialized and did his PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, both at the Leiden University Medical Centre (The Netherlands).

Brian Eisenburger, MSc Economics

VP project management

Brian Eisenburger brings over 27 years of international operations and project management experience. Having worked in Europe, Japan and the US he gained expertise working in various leadership roles for various bio-pharmaceutical companies but also at CMO/CRO companies. As director business development he was responsible for out-licensing activities at a number of biotech companies, such as Pharming, Algonomics, DSM, etc. He was responsible for various successful venture capital fundraising deals and sales & marketing activities. He set up a branch office in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan for an European CRO organisation, worked as senior production project leader in the US for a worldwide pharmaceutical & food ingredient company. His background education is master of business economics (Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam) and engineering (Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands).

Patricia Ringeling, Ph.D.

VP Intellectual Property

Patricia Ringeling is a qualified Dutch and European Patent Attorney. Patricia has more than 20 years of extensive patent experience as a patent attorney in various settings. Previously, Patricia was in-house patent attorney at Gist-Brocades/DSM, Director Intellectual Property at Pharming, and patent attorney at private practice Nederlandsch Octrooibureau (NLO). She works at the independent patent practice Enelex Innovation BV in Delft, which she founded in 2006 to provide patent support to start-ups and innovative SMEs in the life sciences. Patricia is a member of the Institute of Dutch Patent Attorneys, the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office, Licensing Executive Society (LES) and Public interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA), a global non-profit resource for public interest organizations in developing countries seeking expertise in intellectual property.

Patricia studied chemistry with minors immunology and oncology, at the University of Amsterdam and holds a PhD from the Erasmus University Medical Center (The Netherlands). She was as a postdoc researcher in the field of iron metabolism at the University of East Anglia, Norwich UK, and a lecturer in bioinorganic chemistry. Patricia holds a Certificate in Intellectual Property from Queen Mary, University of London.

Scientific Advisory Board

Robert Friesen, PhD

Robert Friesen, PhD is Head of Innovation at ProQR, a RNA-based therapeutics company, bringing more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery and development. He has successfully led the discovery and early development of more than 30 antibodies, peptides, enzymes and gene-therapy drugs in the fields of immunology, oncology, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, CNS diseases and ophthalmology.

Previously, Robert was Vice President and Head of Biologics Research within Janssen R&D, a Johnson & Johnsen company. During his tenure, Robert led a global team of more than 200 scientists responsible for the discovery and early development of biotherapeutics for all therapeutic areas. Before joining Janssen R&D, Robert held senior R&D positions at AM-Pharma, MorphoSys and Crucell.

Robert has authored a number of publications in high impact scientific journals, and participated in numerous invited lectures. He has also been awarded multiple patents in the field of biotechnology.

Robert earned a M.S. in Biology from the University of Utrecht, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Prof Roland Kanaar, PhD

Roland Kanaar studied chemistry at Leiden University and obtained his PhD degree (cum laude) in 1988 for biochemical research on the mechanism of site-specific DNA recombination. His post-doctoral work with at the University of California, Berkeley, aimed at understanding mechanisms of homologous recombination and at understanding how proteins and RNA interact during RNA splicing. In 1995 he joined the Department of Genetics and the Department of Radiation Oncology at Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam. In 2000 he was appointed Professor of Molecular Radiation Genetics. His current research addresses the mechanisms and biological relevance of the DNA damage response. The DNA damage response is essential to prevent chromosomal abnormalities, which in their turn may lead to hereditary diseases, cancer, cell decay and aging. Depending on the specific question at hand techniques from biophysics, structural biology, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and animal genetics are applied in his laboratory. Integrating information through this spectrum of techniques has a synergistic effect on the ability of his research group to translate fundamental insight into how the DNA damage response operates to how it can be used to select patients for DNA damage response-targeting precision cancer therapy and how it can be manipulated to design and explore novel cancer treatments. In 2002 he was elected as a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization and in 2013 he was elected to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In 2016 he was appointed professor of Molecular Genetics and became head of the department of Molecular Genetics at the Erasmus MC. He serves on a number of advisory boards, including the Permanent Commission Large Scientific Infrastructure from NWO and the Program Board of Holland Proton Therapy Center.


Press Release:

Numeric Biotech further expands its executive team with additional biotech industry veterans

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 5, 2018 - Numeric Biotech BV, a privately held biotechnology company creating therapeutics to cure and prevent age-related diseases, announces recent additions to its executive team.

Lars Bastiaanse will join Numeric as Chief Development Officer. Lars has over 25 years of experience in clinical development, project management and general management in pharmaceutical, biotech, but also CRO/Consultancy companies. He was responsible for various development phases for many biotech products. At Johnson & Johnson for instance, Lars was incremental for the development of immunology products currently on the market such as Intelence, and Edurant. Lars obtained a MSc degree in pharmacy and completed his PhD degree in Medicinal Sciences at the Leiden University Medical Centre (The Netherlands).

Joining as VP Regulatory Affairs and Quality, Joost van Bree has over 20-years industry experience in successfully bringing conventional and biotech drugs through development and regulatory approval. He has worked in various international management positions in the fields of drug development, clinical pharmacology, and regulatory affairs with Sandoz (now Novartis) in Switzerland, Teva, Immunovo and Pepscan. At Pharming he held the position of VP Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs. In addition, he brings the experience of raising funds of over Euro 100 Million with venture capital financing as well as a successful IPO and secondary listing. Joost holds an MSc in Pharmacy and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, both from Leiden University (The Netherlands).

Patricia Ringeling, will join Numeric as VP Intellectual Property. Patricia has over 20 years of experience in patent practice including litigation, as a qualified Dutch and European Patent Attorney. She worked at companies such as the Dutch Patent office (NLO), DSM and Pharming but also various start-up companies in the life science industry. Patricia studied chemistry with minors immunology and oncology, at the University of Amsterdam, holds a PhD from the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and a Certificate in Intellectual Property from Queen Mary, University of London.

"We are very happy to be able to attract this talent and relevant experience that matches the level of potential of Numeric's mission to attack the age-related diseases with our first lead oncology indication," said Hans van Berkum, Numeric CEO.

Press Release:

Numeric Biotech receives first investment from UNIIQ for the development of anti-senescence drug compounds

Rotterdam, 25 April 2018 – Numeric Biotech, an Erasmus MC Spinoff company developing compounds against cell senescence, is receiving €300,000 from the UNIIQ investment fund and Erasmus MC. Using this investment, Numeric Biotech can make an important step forward in the development of its lead drug compounds. The investment was announced by Liduina Hammer, Fund Manager UNIIQ and Thijs Spigt, Director Erasmus MC TTO, during the UNIIQ Spring Live event in Leiden.

Senescence and cancer therapy
In the majority of cases, damaged human cells are cleared by the body’s own defence mechanisms. In some cases, however, such cells will remain in the body. These cells, called senescent cells, also play an important role in the aging process of the human body. Numeric Biotech, in collaboration with Erasmus MC, has shown that their lead drug compound is able to clear these senescent cells effectively in mice.

A number of aging diseases might be able to be treated using the technology of Numeric Biotech, but the company will first focus on oncological indications. “We believe that this important technology will contribute to a better understanding of clearing senescent cells from the human body”, says Hans van Berkum, co-founder and CEO of Numeric Biotech, “the support from UNIIQ allows us to further study age-related diseases and in particular the effect of our drug compounds for treatment of certain cancers.”

UNIIQ Proof of Concept investment
“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities for the technology developed at Numeric Biotech”, says Liduina Hammer, Fund manager at UNIIQ. “The field of senescence is rapidly developing and pre-clinical results have shown great potential for future treatments. We are confident that Numeric Biotech, in collaboration with excellent academic institutions such as Erasmus MC, can further improve patient treatment. UNIIQ focusses on investments with major potential impact and with this investment we have clearly found such potential”.

With the investment by UNIIQ and Erasmus MC, Numeric Biotech will be able to further develop their drug compounds in order to perform additional pre-clinical experiments, necessary for the product to enter clinical trials. Numeric Biotech has a worldwide exclusive license from Erasmus MC covering the substance FOXO4-DRI including a wide range of variations.


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At Numeric Biotech you will have the opportunity to contribute and to develop your skills and experience in a dynamic, fast moving and multicultural environment. This means we have a passionate team that is dedicated to make a huge difference in the new research and development area of aging related diseases. As an innovative company, Numeric Biotech is continuously seeking for ambitious colleagues with an academic and/or industrial background that are passionate about our mission. We embrace diversity, be it age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or working and thinking style.


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